About Founder

J. Merlin Rathna Priya

Counselling Psychologist & Remedial Therapist and Trainer

Founding Partner

Merlin is a Psychologist and Remedial Therapist. She has completed her post-graduation in counselling psychology. She has completed courses on learning disability and working in the field of Remedial Education. She is a member of Counsellors Council of India.She worked with LD, ADD, AHD, ASD, slow learners and underachievers. She has done full time remediation as well as part time pull out sessions for children from mainstream. She has been working in this field for a decade with full dedication and enthusiasm. She is a certified Remedial Trainer and have been training the parents,teachers and professionals on the same. Her interest in this field has led her to take initiative in promoting inclusion education in mainstream schools. Her motto is to create awareness about learning disability and difficulties among teachers and parents in the mainstream education system. She is working out to reduce the rate of children pushed to special schools. Her goal is also to streamline the slow learners and underachievers in mainstream setup by creating adaptive and conducive learning styles and strategies. Keeping this as her vision she has started a whatsapp group called “CREDENCE’ for professionals all over India to work together on the same goal. As part of her career she has started a Centre called Changing Tree Child Development Centre. It is registered under Government of India.Many children are benefited from this Centre. It’s a place to learn and grow. Here they provide training programs and workshops for Teachers,Parents and Professionals.

Roles Played :
  • She has extended her interest towards training the parents, teachers and graduates about the strategies and intervention model to teach children with learning disability. She worked as a trainer at Srishti special school for past 3 years.
  • She was a mentor to many undergraduate and postgraduate students of Madras University for their case study. She has also guided with their field work with children with learning disability.
  • She also administers both formal and informal assessments for children with difficulties.
  • She has conducted many workshops for parents about parenting, stress management and emotional stability.
  • She has involved herself in parental counselling as well as student counselling.